Dear Friends:                                                                                                                                                                      February 23, 2018

Happy New Year of the Dog!  Thank you for your support.  We are seeking your generous donation so that Hua Kuang Chinese Reading Room can continue to serve the community tirelessly.              

Hua Kuang is a unique non-profit, all-volunteer Chinese library in the Bay Area.  It was established in 1981 by Ernest and Grace Hung, with a mission to serve the community by promoting Chinese culture, history and tradition to the American and Chinese public. The mission has expanded to helping new Chinese immigrants become good U.S. Citizens, as well as teaching the young generation Chinese language through storytelling.  To achieve its mission’s objectives, Hua Kuang works hard to update its library to be a valuable resource, and offers classes that serve the community’s many needs and cultural interests.   

Due to your generous support, Hua Kuang is now a healthy and productive organization through its library and class programs.  Hua Kuang’s library has more than 15,000 volumes of books, a newspaper and several current Chinese magazines. There is even a book section written by local authors.  We strive to make the library a valuable resource for all ages, and to make it an enjoyable place to socialize with other patrons.  

Hua Kuang’s capable volunteers have developed a new, efficient and rapid method system to catalogue more than 15,000 volumes of books.  Approximately 5400 books have already been cataloged into the new system.  The currently catalogued books are now available for view on its website, at  Volunteers, over 80 years of age, participate enthusiastically and are rewarded with a sense of purpose and achievement. 

Hua Kuang offers a variety of classes to the community, and continually adds new classes based on the community’s interests.  Currently the following classes are offered:  Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, Citizenship/ English, Knitting, Sewing and Preschooler Storytelling in Chinese. The students have all enjoyed these classes and have been pleased with their own intellectual gains. 


With a minimum annual membership fee of $25.00, Hua Kuang members can borrow books and take classes.  Each quarter’s class schedule is posted outside Hua Kuang, and is also available on its website.  Hua Kuang’s Library hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, from 10 am - 3 pm, but closed on major holidays.


Over the years, Hua Kuang has held several cultural performance and lecture events, to celebrate Hua Kuang’s anniversaries, as well as to thank our generous supporters.  Hua Kuang’s future continues to depend on the generous financial support of Hua Kuang members and friends.  Much of your support is spent on its annual rental of about $10,000, and other necessary expenses including insurance and internet service.  Thank you!

FYI:  Adobe, Apple, Cisco, Applied Materials, AT&T, eBay, Google, HP, Microsoft, McAfee, Oracle, Symantec, and Yahoo can match your donation, if you are connected with them. 


Best regards,

Kelly Peng Tsai, President, 


We appreciate your continuing support of Hua Kuang Chinese Reading Room!

Kindly open your heart and donate your gifts to keep Hua Kuang open.  Please make your check payable to

Hua Kuang Chinese Reading Room.  Your donation is tax-deductible.  

  (  ) $25    (  ) $50    (  ) $100*    (  ) $200*    (  ) $500*    (  ) $1000**     Other $ __________


Name: _______________________________ Tel.: __________________E-mail: ___________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________

*One-time gift of $100 or more will receive a Hua Kuang 35th Anniversary commemorative item, while supplies last.

** Names of annual gift donors of $1000 or more will be engraved in the commemorative Hua Kuang plaque.


親愛的朋友們:                                                                                                 2/23/2018              




通過你們慷慨的捐助,華光現在的圖書館和學班是健全而有實質的組織。 華光擁有15000多冊書籍還有中文報紙和雜誌,甚至有當地作者寫的書本。我們努力讓華光成為一個老幼咸宜寳貴的資源並且為一個讀者們樂於社交的地方。


華光能幹的義工們研發了一個新而快捷的圖書編錄系統已把六千多冊都編號。圖書目錄已上載在華光的網站 義工中有超過八十高齡的,他們的熱心付出讓他們得到滿足和成就感的囘報。華光提供各種學班並根据社區的需要不斷增加新的課程。現在的課程包括:書法,囯畫,公民英語,針織,縫紉,幼兒中文故事。學生們都很欣賞這些課並很高興獲得新的智識。以最低二十五元一年的會費,會員可以借用書籍及參加學班。每季的學班時間表都貼在華光門外並可在網站上看到。華光圖書館的開放時間為星期一,三,五,六 早上十點到下午三點,假期徐外。




另注意:如你對下列公司有聯係Adobe, Apple, Cisco, Applied Materials, AT&T, eBay, Google, HP, Microsoft, McAfee, Oracle, Symantec, Yahoo 公司可以對你的捐助作對等捐獻。




謝謝你們繼續支持華光中文閱覽室.   請慷慨捐助維持華光開放。支票抬頭請寫Hua Kuang Chinese Reading Room. 你的捐贈是可以扣稅。

(  )$25  (  )$50  (  )$100*  (  )$200*  (  )$500*  (  )$1000**  Other $____________


姓名:________________________電話:____________________E-mail:­­ ______________

地址 : ________________________________________________________________________

*   一次捐助$100元以上可得到華光三十五周年紀念品。

**  $1000元以上捐贈者名字會刻在華光的紀念杯上

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